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Welcome to Prairie Dog Guns
Free LTC/CHL Classes

We provide a service to the community, by offering
 free classes. All classes are done at
 Lone Star Cowboy Church of Nevada TX.
Classes are Free Range cost $30.00

If you need shooting lessons please send email for appointment, you can do this before or after class.

Renting a firearm bring
9 mm ammo 50 rounds
needed for shooting test. 100 rounds for lesson.

Class Information:

  1. Start your application with the State of Texas go to https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/chl/

  2. Sign up for the class registration tab, class is free range is separate cost range fee $30.00

  3. class starts at 9.am-3.pm on a Saturday please be early to fill out forms needed.
      You will need to bring note pad, ink pen and your drivers license.

  4. Class is free and there will be a written test 25 questions true/false and multiple choice. Proficiency test
      is $30.00 this covers the range & target that is needed for the proficiency test.

  5. If you are taking the proficiency test you will need 22 caliber firearm or higher and 50 rnds of ammo. do not       bring your firearm into the church if you are doing the proficiency test we will let you know when to get your       firearm keep it in your car.

  6. Once you complete the class room and pass the written test you will receive your LTC 100 form you then can       take the form to any Gun Range that does the Proficiency Test or take it with us.
      (you have 2 years to finish your paper work.(you can sign up at class for your proficiency test)

  7. Shooting lessons if needed $45.00 + ammo. Please bring 2 boxes of ammo if you are renting a firearm you will       need 9.mm (100. rounds) USA ammo.