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Welcome to Prairie Dog Guns
Free LTC/CHL Classes

We provide a service to the community, by offering
 free classes. All classes are done at
 Lone Star Cowboy Church of Nevada TX.
Classes are Free Range cost $25.00

Step # 1
Check the requirements for the State of Texas click here

Step # 2
Register for the Class fill out form.

Step # 3
What you need to bring:
note pad & ink pen and your drivers License (more info on class tab)
Proficiency test ( shooting ) $25.00 for the range, class is free.


Shooting lesson if needed $45.00 + ammo. If you are renting a gun you will need  2 boxes of USA Ammo 9.mm (100 rounds)

Location : Lone Star Cowboy Church of Nevada Texas
123 cowboy way Nevada Texas 75173

You can contact Prairie Dog Guns instructor Carl Santos 972-978-1657

 FREE CLASSES COMING UP: 2018 February 3 or 10th